Today, Mr Ioannis Maroulis, CEO of IONIOS SA and the Representative of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, signed the contract for the construction of the new Port of Igoumenitsa, Phase C1 (Budget:€ 59,900,000 ).

The port of Igoumenitsa is the main West sea gate of Northern Greece and of the Southern Balkans to Western Europe.

Phase C1 includes:

  • marine works,
  • road construction (direct access to IgoumenitsaPreveza National Road),
  • hydraulic works,
  • building works (including South Gate Building)
  • E&M works
  • relevant road works (port premises) and landscaping.

The project is included in the OP “Reinforcement of Accessibility” and is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. 




The Quality Management Systems is applied to every single project IONIOS S.A. undertakes and meets the requirements of legislation and guidelines (national and E.U.) For every project the QMS procedures are fine-tuned in order to comply with specific contract terms and construction standards and are reviewed throughout the project.





For IONIOS S.A. environmental protection is a key priority since all our activities have a direct impact on the environment.
Systematic and effective environmental protection is promoted through the development and implementation of our Environmental Management System (EMS). The core functions of our EMS are:
o    Environmental initial review,
o    Setting measurable objectives and targets,
o    Operational control.

IONIOS S.A. is committed to minimizing the environmental impact from the beginning to the end of every project. We try to fulfill our commitment by:
•     Complying with all legal requirements, standards and terms of environmental permits.
•    Collaborating with local authorities and other stakeholders in order to promote environmental protection and sustainable natural resources management.
•     Minimizing energy and water consumption.    
•     Reducing Waste and using environmentally friendly ways to dispose of waste.
•     Developing noise and emission control at source.
•     Implementation of BAT.
•     Environmental awareness training for all our staff.

 By promoting awareness and active participation of every person working for IONIOS S.A., we are able to reduce the environmental impact of our projects through all the stages of construction.



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